BrainiacChess is building an online chess gaming platform that is incentivized using digital currency. In a simpler statement, you earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for doing what you love doing, playing chess!
Organization of online tournaments will be an active part of the BrainiacChess platform where participants can earn rewards, socialize and bet against your leading rivals!



BrainiacChess is building an online chess gaming platform that is incentivized using digital currency. In a simpler statement, you earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for doing what you like doing (playing chess!). We will organize online tournaments where participants can earn rewards. You can also pair with another person online and play with the person for fun, or add a few stakes to the mix and earn rewards.

The platform will also serve as a network for everyone in the chess Ecosystem. This includes the Players, Arbiters, Event organizers, Managers / Sponsors, Instructors or any other Crypto enthusiast.


There are so many chess platforms out there, but it is hard for them to fully attach a reward system to their platform due to many reasons. Most of them are not incentivized giving BrainiacChess a big advantage!

Below are some of the problems we are working to solve.
Lack of proper reward system. It’s hard to transfer funds to people from different countries using bank accounts, as many regulations and processes slow down the transfer and make it quite expensive. Other payment systems require users to provide certain personal details which is unessacary information in solving the task to bet, play and recieve instant rewards. This leads to the next problem;

Privacy problem. For users to get rewards, they need to give out some personal details which in turn compromises their privacy.

Centralization. Like almost all blockchain startups, we also take decentralization very seriously. All chess platforms so far that offer incentives on chess tournaments have a central body taking charge of the rewards. Users are thereby forced to "trust" them to give their rewards. On our decentralized platform, you deal with the smart contract (alone) to earn rewards, and this is done automatically with no central authority needed. The main goal being a truly trustless system.


The BrainiacChess Network and Chess Coin will be able to solve these issues, as detailed below:

Secure Reward system. The platform will be incentivized using Chess Coin (CHESS). This enables access to a global audience of players that can take advantage of cryptocurrency technology. Cryptocurrency transfers are quick, easy and anonymous lending to a straight forward and fun expierence while interacting with the system.

Privacy. You do not need to give anyone any personal information in order to receive rewards. Users will be dealing directly with the smart contract which gives them confidence that their private info is secure, and sensitive private information like an address or bank details are not required to earn rewards.

Decentralization. Our platform will have no central body, with not even the team having control over the rewards distribution. Every interaction will be on the smart contract, with rewards being handled automatically by the contracts code, and therefore users do not have to wait on queues to distribute their rewards after their participation in tournaments.

Secure peer to peer betting. The platform will also have a unique betting feature. Chess players around the world play for the fun but with side betting being an often sneario. This is solved eloquently and securely with the BrainiacChess smart contract platform. The betting feature will also be on the smart contract which makes it secure, so get ready to up the stakes!

TOKEN Details

Token name: Chess Coin

Ticker: CHESS

Decimal: 18

Total Supply: 300,000,000

Contract address: 0x5f75112bBB4E1aF516fBE3e21528C63DA2B6a1A5

You can find the above information on


Airdrop and Bounty Programs 60%

Marketing and Project Development 20%

Team 15% (locked)

Reserves 5%